A piece of my story

My name is Jillian Zamora. I have lived in North Queensland for most of my life and 2 out of 3 of my daughters were born in North Queensland.

To support people through the wild transitional time of bringing a baby earthside is my calling, my purpose on the planet. My mother and her 2 sisters were all midwives and I have learnt recently that my great grandmother was a midwife in North Queensland about 100 years ago, attending to women in remote communities. My eldest daughter is also a midwife. The love and trust of birth runs through my family bloodlines.

My 3 daughters were all home birth babies. It was during my first pregnancy at age 25 that I began to become increasingly inquisitive about babies and birth and how to get one out of my vagina. I worked incredibly hard to educate myself and do the work it took to prepare to birth my baby, breech birth at home in peace and love. This birth was the most intense and empowering experience I had ever had.

It was after I had my first empowered birth that I attended mothers groups and began to hear the traumatic birth stories of other women. I soon realised that not all women got to experience what I had during my transition into motherhood. My heart ached for these women and I could see how their birth had affected their parenting and journey as a mother and woman. 

I became increasingly intrigued with birth and read every book I could get my hands on and sought the council of other birthing women and wise women as I prepared to birth my second baby. She was my Teepee baby born under a full moon in Kuranda. It was a magnificent and calm birth.  I lived on a community at this time and was given the honour to support friends and other women at home births and hospital births in the region. It was during this time that I began to realise what an impact it made to the birthing woman to be supported and loved throughout her journey, wherever and however she decided to birth her baby. I heard my calling loud and clear…..

With a toddler and a baby to care for I focused my attention on being a Mother… the most important job I have ever had, all the time knowing that when the universe aligned I would have another important job to do as Birth Keeper. 

My life at this time was a journey of parenting my beautiful daughters as a single mother and working as an artist, dance performer, clothing and costume designer. I focused on healing my wounding and enjoying life’s gifts.

My third daughter was born at home when I was age 41….. With her came the re-emergence and re-membering of the call I heard so long ago. I knew now that I had the space and the emotional stability to step deep into my calling. At age 47 I stepped into my role as Birth Keeper and Doula…. and this commitment has deepened my intrigue with the Rite of passage…. that is birth.

It is my wish that all women and families feel supported and loved as they journey through the major rite of passage of birth and parenting. That couples are supported to communicate and connect deeply and that babies are born through empowered birthing experiences.