The time of Pregnancy, giving birth and nurturing a child is one of the most amazing events in our life, both physically, spiritually and emotionally. We are invited to explore the deepest parts of ourselves and question ‘What do I want for my baby?’, ‘What do I want for me?, ‘What is happening?’, 'How do I best prepare for this?'.

This can be a challenging and amazing experience.


Medical services offer a myriad of often confusing choices to be navigated as does deciding where to birth your baby and with whom. Often women and their partners are experiencing this journey feeling alone, without someone experienced or emotionally supportive to give them the care they need.
As a Doula I help you to explore and come up with your own answers to your questions. I provide information and hold a space for you to embrace your natural instinct as mother and powerful birthing woman, and the father as knowledgable support person. I support you emotionally, physically and spiritually as you walk your journey into being a mother, father and family.

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My offerings as a

Doula and Birth Keeper include

~Continuity of care

~Help to prepare for Birth and Beyond

~Complimenting your other Care providers

~Labour and Birth attendance

~Supporting your husband or partner

~Massage and natural Pain relief options in labour

~Helping you to navigate the medical system to create your best birth outcome

~Supporting you at home and or hospital

~After Birth support and natural recovery techniques

~Supporting you with Breast feeding and taking care of your baby



Not in Cairns?

I can still support you in your

Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond….. 


What Clients say


Jillian is a guiding protective light, wrapping you in the comfort and support you need and want. I felt so cared for and nourished in mind body and soul throughout my fourth pregnancy thanks to the love and nurturing Jillian bestowed upon me. Her presence is angelic, she was so soft and gentle entering my birth space, working with me and my partner so harmoniously throughout my labour. I felt so respected, heard and honoured in every interaction I was lucky enough to share with Jillian.

Every woman deserves the same experience in each pregnancy, child birth and postpartum they live. It took me my fourth pregnancy to prioritise MY needs to engage in the support of a doula, and I’m so very thankful I did. Jillian has been the greatest gift, and I’m so blessed to have walked this journey with her.


My husband and I often talk about how lucky we were to find Jilli to be our Doula! As first time parents we had a lot of fear facing our birthing day and the unknown.
I knew I wanted to have the most positive experience possible, and sourced courses and services to help achieve this. Through these prenatal connections I learnt what a Doula actually was and then someone (thankfully) recommended Jilli!
On the 10th of August we experienced our positive, intervention free birth of our Son, Wylie. Jilli was a key part of making it the amazing experience it was.
Saying the words I needed to hear when I was doubting my body and strength, guiding my husband with massage for my back and bringing that feminine energy and wisdom into that room. Amazing. Her presence was calming and made me feel so safe, the exact definition, of “mothering the mother”.
I couldn’t recommend Jillian enough, and neither could my husband. She really does have the most magical presence.
Thank you so much Jillian, we feel so blessed,


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