Labyrinth Meditation Plate



The labyrinth is an analogy for life. It is not a maze or a puzzle to be solved but a path of meaning to be experienced. Its path is circular and convoluted, but it has no dead ends. A labyrinth has one entrance — one way in and one way out.

Use this Labyrinth plate as a tool for your journey into the unknown. Ask yourself a question, or set yourself an intention. Place your brain to the side and start by placing a finger from your non dominant hand at the entrance, state out loud or silently, your intention or prayer, close your eyes and begin your journey as you very slowly move your finger through the labyrinth. Notice what comes up for you and keep your focus in the moment as you journey. When you reach the centre of the Labyrinth stop and stay there for a while and allow information, visions etc to come to you. When you are ready, begin your journey out the same way you came in. On completion you might like to sit in silence for a while and feel, journal or draw your experience and what you got out of it.

This plate is handmade and glazed in Sandstone glaze. Plate measures 25cm across.

Can also be used to serve snacks!!!!