Make your own 38cm Medicine Drum.

This is a standard size drum. We will be using sustainably sourced AustralianGoat hide.

JULY 27 & 28, 2024 Emerald Creek campground.

Details will be sent via email before the date of the workshop.

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Frame Drum, Spirit Drum, Medicine Drum, Shamanic Drum….. it comes by many names and from many cultures around the world… Originally Women were the first drummers.. the keepers of the connection to the heartbeat of our sacred Mother Earth.

Drumming is for everyone ❤️ Women and Men.
Now is a great time to drum and to connect deeply with your inner strength and the mother Earth and nature.

If you are inspired to make your own Drum this is a wonderful opportunity. There are limited spaces in this workshop to keep it personal and sacred. There is no experience needed, just your passion ❤️ We use your own birth story during the process of making your drum, for awareness as to how you do life. So whatever information you can get about your own birth will be helpful during this process. How we are born imprints our life and this workshop will give you an opportunity for some insight into yourself. If you can’t get your birth story that is ok, we will work with what you have.


We will gather on Sat 27th July @ 2pm at Emerald Escape Campsite to begin the drum making process. By Sunday afternoon you will have completed your drum and it will be ready to take home.

Your ticket includes camping for one night, a night time meal of Vegan Dahl, Rice and Salad. You will need to provide your own breakfast and lunch for Sunday.

You will provide your own camping equipment and drinking water.

The drums will be crafted with Sustainably sourced Australian Goat Hide and a Hoop pine frame.

The Drum Camp will cost $590. Payment plans available please contact me personally.

Places are limited so that you have my full support as you birth your drum.

~ if you cancel 4 weeks or more before the event you will receive a full refund.
~ if you cancel 1-4 weeks before the event you will receive a refund minus your deposit of $200.
~if you cancel 0-1 week before the event you will receive no refund however your ticket will be transferable to another person.

Please give me a call if you have any questions or to book.
Jillian 0412036771 💙💚💙

Jillian is a brilliant facilitator.
I have known Jillian for ten years and I recently attended one of her Medicine drum workshops. Jillian held the workshop with grounded warmth, and she gave us the space and clarity we needed to be able to really put ourselves into the creative journey. The making of my drum was a truly transformational experience, I felt as though I broke old patterns and birthed a new part of myself during the process.
I have since fallen in love with my drum, when I play her I feel like I am connecting in with ancient earth wisdom. I highly recommend any workshop with Jillian and especially the Medicine Drum weekend……… Erin

Hi beautiful, just wanted to let you know how much I love my drum…we are so connected and I feel like I fall in love with her even more every time we come together. She has strengthened so many other connections also and opened my heart to so much💗 Thank you for such a wonderful experience….Laurel

I highly recommend this workshop….my recent drum birthing at Jillian’s last workshop was a very special and deeply personal experience…….. Caroline

Recently I attended Jillian’s drum making workshop. I didn’t really know what to expect, i had never made a drum before, what a journey took place for me though. Jillian greeted us with such warmth and held nurturing space, I fell into a deep connection with the process of birthing my drum, which in turn, has left me forever grateful that I now have such a healing and personal medicine in my beautiful drum.
Thankyou Jillian, such a gift you are facilitating these workshops……. Bec