Everyone needs a Jillian for their journey into motherhood!

From the transformational personal preparation pre-birth to the unwavering presence for the entire labour and birth to the post partum support – Jillian went above and beyond to make sure I felt supported and nourished.

My planned home birth transitioned into a hospital, I spent over 48 hours in labour and Jillian was just incredible at holding space for me regardless of the setting. For Ben my partner having Jillian meant he could relax a little and focus on being present for me, knowing that Jillian was working tirelessly in the background making sure the space was energetically clear, that my wishes were being honoured and I had anything I needed. It also meant Ben was able to take much needed breaks along the way.

Once we moved to hospital Jillian was able to communicate with staff to ensure a smooth transition. She was also able to help de-code their procedures and requests so we could make informed decisions. A birth plan that Jillian helped us prepare was hung over the bed and constantly referred back to.

At the end of a very long labour we were blessed with surprise twin girls, one needing to spend some time in ICU, Jillian was able to provide support for Ben and Aura in The ICU while I stayed with Luna In the birthing suite.

Just to have another woman present during this time who is completely present and there just to guide me to have the best experience possible was amazing, Jillian has so much wisdom, invaluable resources and her energy is so beautiful.

If you are thinking of having Jillian on your birth team – I would highly recommend you invite her.

Thank you Jillian, we will be forever grateful for you and the work you do

Sanae, Ben, Luna and Aura


I don’t even know where to begin. Jilli is the most beautiful humble caring loving woman I have ever met. Very passionate and experienced in all that she does and creates. She was there for me through my whole pregnancy and freebirth at home she comes with gifts and magic, she is like a wise mother and holds space in every way needed. Jilli helped me through my amazing home birth freebirth. She was there not only for me but my whole tribe, kids, partner and Family. Full of resourceful knowledge and love. Jilli went beyond her work and worked from her heart and even helped after birth I loved everything and still very grateful for you. Thank u from all of us we love u xxxoo


Hello beautiful people
If you’re reading this comment you are very close to making the best decision of your life.
Jillian, from the moment we first met her we knew she would be apart of our life, she has everything needed, her knowledge, enthusiasm and her positive attitude. She truly gave our birthing experience a life time of beautiful memories.


Jillian is a guiding protective light, wrapping you in the comfort and support you need and want. I felt so cared for and nourished in mind body and soul throughout my fourth pregnancy thanks to the love and nurturing Jillian bestowed upon me. Her presence is angelic, she was so soft and gentle entering my birth space, working with me and my partner so harmoniously throughout my labour. I felt so respected, heard and honoured in every interaction I was lucky enough to share with Jillian.

Every woman deserves the same experience in each pregnancy, child birth and postpartum they live. It took me my fourth pregnancy to prioritise MY needs to engage in the support of a doula, and I’m so very thankful I did. Jillian has been the greatest gift, and I’m so blessed to have walked this journey with her.


My husband and I often talk about how lucky we were to find Jilli to be our Doula! As first time parents we had a lot of fear facing our birthing day and the unknown.
I knew I wanted to have the most positive experience possible, and sourced courses and services to help achieve this. Through these prenatal connections I learnt what a Doula actually was and then someone (thankfully) recommended Jilli!
On the 10th of August we experienced our positive, intervention free birth of our Son, Wylie. Jilli was a key part of making it the amazing experience it was.
Saying the words I needed to hear when I was doubting my body and strength, guiding my husband with massage for my back and bringing that feminine energy and wisdom into that room. Amazing. Her presence was calming and made me feel so safe, the exact definition, of “mothering the mother”.
I couldn’t recommend Jillian enough, and neither could my husband. She really does have the most magical presence.
Thank you so much Jillian, we feel so blessed,


I felt so supported, loved and cared for through my pregnancy by Jillian and with her strength and empowerment I was able to face some difficult decisions I had to make regarding Gestational Diabetes and the hospital guidelines. The week coming up to my induction date she helped me in so many ways I believe that prepared my body to go into labour naturally so I was able to have my dream birth, a natural water birth. Thanks to Jillian I awoke my full potential to believe in myself and enlightened spiritually. Jillian has helped me create a positive birth experience unlike my other births and that’s why I highly recommend her x


Jilli was present at the home birth of my son Jedi. My partner and I wanted to have her beautiful supportive energy with us while I laboured. It was an absolute blessing to have her alongside me as I neared the birth, she brought an incredibly grounded energy.

I can honestly say that what I valued most about having Jilli with me was her ability to remind me to trust my own body’s intuition. She encouraged me to tune into my birth dance and physically ‘create space’ to bring on the birth.

I can highly recommend Jilli as a birth doula, as well as the excellent postpartum support she offers.


Thank you Jillian for making this adventure the most beautiful journey …
I was away from my all family but with you (and my partner of course ) on my side I felt my power stronger then ever!
Today I do not have any regrets and feel like I had the best delivery I could have , mostly because of you.
Beyond being an incredible Doula, you are a beautiful soul and I wish all the pregnant woman close by to have you on their side.